Monday, 29 October 2012

Tutorial 1- Rolled Hems

Hello fabric followers!

We hope you have had an enjoyable week and have taken out those sewing machines. This is the first of our sewing tutorials so make sure you subscribe as we will be posting new tutorials on a weekly basis.

We certainly don’t claim to know all about sewing as we are all constantly learning, whether it be through other blogs or by talking to other people in the industry. Here at Selective Fine Fabrics, we have in house designers who have a collective wealth of knowledge. This combined with our accumulated sewing knowledge from 20 years of trading allows us to provide our customers with insightful sewing tips and techniques.

What we hope to bring you is maybe a new technique, or a handy hint to maybe make sewing your next garment a little easier.

So onto our rolled hems...I have always been a little scared of rolled hems particularly in a silk chiffon or georgette, but after learning this technique I find them almost a pleasure to do. This technique uses a rolled hem foot, most sewing machines usually come with one, if you don’t have one with your machine you should be able to purchase it separately.

The secret I have found is pressing a 2-3 mm hem on the edge that you want to hem. I have always had trouble in starting the hem, so I fold my pressed edge over again thus giving you a twice rolled hem. Once you have done this, pin it together.

Place this under your foot and drop your needle down holding the hem in place. Take the pin out and do your back tack. I also find it can be handy to start with a thread tail if you need something to help pull the fabric through.

It is then just a matter of stitching the hem keeping your folded edge next to the part of the foot just before it starts to roll.

It may take a little practise but once you’ve got the hang of it rolled hems will never be scary again.

A similar technique can be applied in achieving  perfect French seams, but this will be elaborated more on in another post.

Wrong side of rolled hem

                                                             Right side of rolled hem

We hope you enjoyed your first tutorial. 

Did you notice the beautiful shade of silk chiffon in the photos? Stay tuned as this delicate fabric will be transformed into a beautiful silk dress in the coming tutorials. 

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Sunday, 21 October 2012


Welcome to our blog!

We are so excited to start our own blog after much persuasion from our clients.
This blog is for those who indulge in luxurious fabrics and have always had questions about techniques in sewing the finest of fabrics.

Selective Fine Fabrics is a specialised fabric retailer based in Brisbane importing some of the worlds' finest fabrics in bridal and evening. We travel the world to source exclusive fabrics from New York, Paris and Milan twice a year to create collections that are always up to date with international design houses.

Over the years, we have met so many mothers that would have loved to have sewn their daughters' special gowns but were hesitant to do so as a long period of time had elapsed since they had dusted off their sewing machines. This blog will not only showcase our extensive fabric collection but will also provide an insight into the tips and techniques used by our in-house designers. These techniques will range from assisting you to achieve the finest of french seams to constructing a perfectly fitting strapless bodice.

So come and join us in this exciting new journey and be inspired by our exclusive bridal and evening fabrics. Our insightful techniques will help you achieve the perfect outfit for that special occassion. So dust your machines off, replace your needles and get ready to be inspired!

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