Thursday, 3 July 2014


Our May bride is the gorgeous Mel. Mel came in with her designer/ dressmaker Frida Lagos in search for the perfect lace and material for her bridal gown. 

Mel brought with her a few pictures of the types of laces she liked so we knew exactly what she was after. After showing her a few laces, Mel fell in love with our white French Alençon lace. She also opted for a beautiful full skirt out of our soft bridal tulle. 

Thank you for sharing this journey with us Mel! 

Here are a few images Mel has shared with us, as well as a quick interview we had with her. 

Dress made by the talented Frida (Paras Designs).

1. How did you hear about Selective Fine Fabrics? 

My Mum used to shop for fabrics at SFF when she used to make my ballet performance dresses and I was happy to hear that my dressmaker (Frida from Paras Designs) recommended SFF as well. 

2. Did you start your design process with a sketch/picture or were you inspired by fabrics? 

Frida and I used a picture to inspire the design of my dress. Frida drew it up for me and we made a few changes and then decided on the fabric I wanted to use. I've always wanted a tulle and lace dress so that's what we decided on.

3. Why did you decide to get your wedding dress made? Would you recommend it for any future brides? 

After looking in many bridal shops I decided to have my Wedding Dress made. I couldn't find any dresses that appealed to me in the shops. I recommend having your Wedding Dress made as you can have it fully customised for you and it works out to be much cheaper than buying in store.

4. How would you describe your experience at SFF?

Helpful, friendly and efficient.

5. What did you think of the range at SFF?

Fabulous!! We decided on a gorgeous French Chantilly Lace for my bodice and Tulle for my skirt.

6. Where did you have your wedding reception? 

Royal QLD Yacht Squadron at Manly.

7. Did you have a wedding theme? 

We wanted an intimate wedding where we got to celebrate with our close Family and Friends. We couldn’t stop smiling the whole day - we were both so excited to marry each other and celebrate on the dance floor!! We had a "new vintage" theme with pearl pink, grey and lavender pastel tones. 

8. Where did you choose to go for your honeymoon?

7 nights at Peregian in a house right on the beach and 7 nights in our own cabin in the rainforest of Montville. We wanted a beach and rainforest Honeymoon and these locations were divine!!

9. What would be the best advice you would give to any future brides?

Enjoy every moment. The day goes so fast and it's important to take in every beautiful moment (there's so many!!). 


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